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"Nude Female "
Nude Female “Sorrow” after Van Gogh by Frederick Hubicki This life drawing haunted me for weeks after I finished it. I finally realized that it reminded me of a drawing I’d seen in art school called ... more ...

"Nude Female "

  • 23" x 20"
Category: Originals
Media: Charcoal,Drawing,Paper
Framed: Framed
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Price: US$ 350

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Viewing Room: Figurative Drawings, Nudes        Categories: Originals
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"Nude Female "
"Stuckup Female Nude"
"Female "
"Nude Female Dark hair Beauty"
"Nude Female Vermont Studio school"
"Nude Female Rhythm "
"Nude Female Sitting and Reading "
"Nude Female Dreaming"
"Nude Female with Chin in the Air"
"Nude Female Horizontal with Hands behind Her Back"
"Nude Female Bending with Hand on Hip "
"Nude Female ( Dark Hair) Hands Behind Her Back"
"Nude Female Kneeling with Hands on Hip and Mouth"
"Nude Female Backside "
"Nude Female Hands on Her Hip"
"Nude Female Reclining on Sofa"
"Nude Bearded Man Seated in Chair"
"Nude Male and Female Bookends"
"Nude Female Pinup"
"Nude Female with Arched Leg"